12 Tips for Fourth Quarter and Schooling in 2019

Well, it’s the beginning of fourth quarter and schooling again. Since we’re celebrating the beginning of earning “valuable currency,” let me share some of my own tips for getting through this year:

– whether it’s going to school or looking for a job or starting a business, do it because you want to add value to other people. Don’t go into anything just because it will get you a good paycheck or because it’s the “better” option that is higher in demand. Because you’ll never EVER be satisfied with what you’re paid unless you enjoy the work you do. Yes, you need to eat, but you also need to take care of your soul as well as your need for food, shelter, and internet/phone

– the best way to live a purposeful life is to figure out what you’re good at, train hard to excel at it, and use what you’re good at to add value. If people don’t hire you for it, figure out how to turn what you’re good at into a freelance job. It’s so much easier to do this today than it was ten years ago. Ask for help side-hustling from anyone outside of a university or college if you need it

– the richest people in the world are the ones who add value to society as a whole. The reason they were able to do this without a formal education was because they took risks, they used their creativity in a way no one else used it, they looked hard for assets to help them financially, and they never primarily focused on money. They focused on giving people VALUE VALUE VALUE VALUE

– knowledge is your most valuable form of currency. Increase your knowledge as often as you can. Read books constantly. Research what kind of value you can provide every single day. I wish I learned this right after graduating college

– to get by in this world, you NEED to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to learning technology and internet. This is a requirement as technology changes very fast and is used by 97% of the entire world. Always ask for help or take a basic course if this is difficult and DO NOT give up easily.

– TRY YOUR HARDEST to spend less money on liabilities (things like morning Starbucks coffees, expensive restaurant meals, music CDs, collectibles you only use once, fancy clothes, any travelling you have to cover yourself, basically anything not life threatening that drains your paycheck etc), and spend money on ASSETS (anything that can/will result in helping you earn money or save money). Try to be frugal. If you can’t afford certain things you do not need, do not be afraid to sell. Life is not about “things”

– if you really need money, find cheap things from Goodwill or smaller thrift stores and sell them on eBay or Amazon. Charlene runs an eBay store and it’s been doing well this summer

– you will randomly encounter people you don’t want to work with or who will do anything to destroy you at school, at work, and even while freelancing. Conflict is inevitable. People criticizing what you do is inevitable. Not everyone is going to accept the value you provide and people will even try to tear down what you provide. Keep going and don’t let those kind of people stop you, because most likely, they don’t have any guts to take the risks you’ve taken to add value to other people

– it’s hard to find a good job these days unless you have lots of experience (college or university doesn’t guarantee employment). On top of that, we need to understand that over 60% of jobs we train for today (including government jobs) will be gone in the next five to ten years. Think hard about that before deciding what to do for schooling

– DO NOT apply for a company that is known for having high turnover, even if you’re broke with less than $100. I speak from experience as doing this left me struggling with sciatica for the rest of my life. Just don’t do it. Full stop.

– if you go to college for something you can EASILY learn about on YouTube or Udemy, you’re most likely getting robbed at least half of ten grand. Everything I learned about web design is now easy to find on the internet. The exceptions of this point are theory upgrades, things like culinary arts, welding, construction trades, fire-fighting, legal assisting, or anything related to health care or an occupation that requires safety courses

– if a person only works to survive, if they have intense hatred of people, and only live as if the world revolves primarily around themselves, they will eventually fail at everything I just outlined above. It will take a while but it will happen. I don’t think I need to expand on this point. If I do, there’s something seriously wrong because I used to be that person years ago.

If anyone reading this is going to school or just started a new job this month, good luck, congratulations, Godspeed, and hopefully reading this post made you a little uncomfortable.

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