The About Aaron Page

For meta and SEO purposes, I will start this page by saying welcome to The About Aaron Page.

Aaron Parsons aarpar.caI am an autistic writer, poet, boom bap enthusiast, struggling entrepreneur, electronic music composer, audio enthusiast, and content creating human being. I love listening to different kinds of music, beatbox stimming with Incantatem (my geek acapella group), screwing around with audio and web development programming, and standing up for all autistic people on the internizzle. I love listening to clean underground hip-hop, chiptune music, 90s house music, and…well… what you quirky yuppies call ‘oldies.’ I live in the cold city of Winter-peg Manitoba Canada and really want to move to another province besides Saskatchewan. I like to travel whenever I get the change, but when I’m at home, I prefer to stay in the basement working on or recording podcasts and really bad raps in a downtown studio as opposed to partying and getting drunk. I love going for walks with my wife, spending time with creative family and friends, trying to keep up with fandoms and failing, and listening to God as He tells me what the future is going to be.

I love the idea of being best buds with the Creator of the Universe, but had to break away from the weird flaky and fruity fundamentalist mindset that a lot of my brothers and sisters in Christ have been trapped in. I do not like the typical televangelist, and have gone through spiritual abuse from hyper-Pentecostal men and women who I thought were friends but don’t accept autism as something that can give glory to God.
I think God and nationalism (known as Church and State) are a bad match for each-other. I love being a part of small communities that are willing to explore what it means to be a Christian as an outcast in a world where normal doesn’t exist. I love being a part of a church that is willing to question, willing to doubt, willing to ask more questions with the little answers given, and willing to accept spiritual things as a mystery to continually explore. To sum up this paragraph, I am a believer in God but I denounce North American fundamentalist Christianity. Because of most of this paragraph, I’m constantly going between progressive and libertarian viewpoints. It really depends on the issue.

I believe in a God who wants me to stand up for autistic people in my home country of Canada. I believe in a Canada where autistic people can live normal lives working, marrying, participating in the performing arts, and changing the world. In this world, neurotypicals with power will be able to help accomodate autistic people giving them what they need to achieve everything they dream of. If other autistics rise up beside me (whether it’s online or not) and continually educate the country toward an acceptance of neurodiversity, we will be able to do great things, overwriting the need for masking and long-term harmful effects of applied behavior analysis.

I use this website to express my views on everything from religion to politics to stuff that bothers me or stuff that excites me. It also is a place to check out music I’m working on and to talk to me if you have something on your mind.

Lastly, I’m here to add value. We need to:

Value people over profit.
Value people over institutions.
Value people over traditions.
Value people over organizations.
Value people over ideologies.
Value people over nationalisms.
Value people over work ethics.
Value people over entitlements.
Value people over control.

Because we as the human race need to value people above everything else that exists in this world. I love you.

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