Time Out!

I’m going to take some time out of my schedule until 2020 to figure out exactly what I need to do with my life. I feel like the past ten years were spent continuously wandering from thing to thing. I have no idea how to say this tactfully. Every time I think I’m onto doing something big, I essentially fuck it all up. I’ve gone to college, been in a relationship and am in a marriage, struggled in my faith, tried to work a career, brought chiptune back to Winnipeg briefly, got fired from three jobs, had trouble finding more work, and because of lack of employment options, ran an app development business…into the ground. The only three things that will always stay with me are great music made, being with the most beautiful girl in the world, and traveling together to two really exotic places. And all I’ve been trying to do since discovering these three passions is build a life where more adventures like these can happen. How I got to this point was dreaming of the impossible.  

I had a dream that the autistic community will be financially sustained. I have a dream that all autistics have the chance to do what they love and make a full-time income from what they love to do. I have a dream that any autistic person can escape the cycle of looking for a job and then getting fired because of their autism. I have a dream that the autistic community will be able to dominate and even run the top new-rich industries of the gig economy, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and sell top digital products while making a passive income from their laptops. I started working towards that dream by building a website called Sustained Autie which would teach autistics how to start their own business…but it became an ableist business.

There are a rare few in the autistic community who share that same dream but based on the commentary of the picture beside this paragraph, that wasn’t going to happen. In fact, many days I browse every Facebook group where I reach out to my target audience. When it comes to encouraging them to start a business of their own, they react with intense anger or sadness. This is why I have to put down Sustained Autie or change it.

I came across a post in a Facebook group where I wanted to network and reach out. While the text on the white board technically makes a subtle jab from teachers towards students in the educational system, the commentary of it also goes against mindsets and attitudes that I feel are required to be successful as a “sustained autie.”

I may strongly hold onto many of these things in the above paragraph but if Sustained Autie’s entire target customer market and clientele in general does not feel the same way, then I have perished for lack of knowledge. Just look at a sample of over 140 comments in response to the post:

Ho boy...
The anti-capitalist comment was savage.

I remember watching a video with Gary Vaynerchuk where he tells a wannabe reporter to “screw” the New York Times just because they were the only publishing house who rejected her desire to become a writer. In this situation, however, I’ve concluded that just by looking at all these comments, every autistic (the clients and customers I want to reach) is going to reject how Sustained Autie is run. I tried to provide a solution to a problem autistics face with job hunting but unfortunately, I’m presenting that solution too early. I think the autistic community needs to advocate to a point where society sees us as hard working individuals before promoting the idea of an autie starting their own business. It’s not that it’s impossible. In fact, I believe tons of autistics can start their own businesses. I also believe it does take effort, a good work ethic, energy, passion, doing extra, being prepared, being coachable, and having a good positive attitude. And based on the commentary, autistics will find what I just said extremely ableist. So Sustained Autie needs to send the autistic community a different message in order for my goal to be reached.

This for example is just one of the many screw ups that I keep getting myself into. I need to do better research. I need to figure out my competitors. I need to try NOT to re-invent the wheel. And I need to focus on really concentrating on the three things that will become passive income in the next ten years.

So I’ve decided through the months on November and December to write my very first book. It will be about my struggles with accepting my own autism, faith, and the journey that has brought me to this point and what I learned along the way.

Other than that, I’m going to supplement my income with affiliate marketing after doing some home-schooling at Wealthy Affiliate in January. Hopefully self-publishing and getting launched in 2020 and beyond will be better from here. I still for some odd reason have high hopes for the future even though I really struggle with depression, anxiety, and whether or not a certain orange potato is still going to be president of the US or not a year from now.



Oh yeah…and this is also why winter is going to be really rough this year. This was taken October 11 2019 at 4 AM on my personal retreat.

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